How to Plan Your Wedding Transportation in Connecticut

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How to Plan Your Wedding Transportation in Connecticut

To make a wedding occasion successful, you have to think about every minute detail from the food and flowers to the location and decorations. When you’re putting together the details of your wedding, your priority is making sure nothing is overlooked. And you cannot overlook your guests, their arrival and departure.

As this is your big day, you most likely have your transportation in place, but things may be a little trickier for guests from out of town. Offering a stylish ride to and from the wedding ceremony, reception, or even both could make your special day run smoother and even more memorable for everyone. So how do you find a Wedding Transfer company ?

Look For a Professional Limo Company

Professional wedding transportation services are required to ensure that your guests arrive on time and in style on your special day. These companies provide sedans, SUVs, limousines, vans, and buses. Transporting guests for a special occasion, like a wedding ceremony or reception, requires careful planning. If you’re arranging a wedding, you need a transportation provider with a lot of wedding transportation expertise.

Get wedding transfer quotes

Call a few companies to see if they’re already booked, get a pricing quote, and make sure the company you select is reputable before making your final decision. It’s best to schedule your transportation as soon as possible and apprise all your guests about the schedule.

Share Your Wedding Itinerary

The wedding transportation company should know the exact itinerary of your wedding day so they can prepare accordingly. They have to do proper vehicle management, cleanup and sanitization and decoration of the vehicles. The vehicle needs to arrive on time at all pick-up and drop off locations, so share your itinerary with your service provider early on, starting with where guests are staying.

Pick and drop schedule for guests in the city or out of town

Before your wedding day arrives, work with your transportation company to create a detailed routing schedule to let them know when they should pick up , from where they should pickup or drop off. Out of town guests needs special attention.

Make Your Wedding Transportation Special

Hire Bellony’s limousine Service LLC to drive your guests in style for your wedding day. With a large fleet of luxury cars available, we can accommodate anyone’s needs.  We offer many packages to help you plan the perfect wedding in Connecticut. Call us or contact us online to book a limousine for your wedding day!

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